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New To Homeschooling?

Find out all you need to know about homeschooling and how to start.

New to British Curriculum?

Understand how the British Curriculum works and how to get into university.

Pre International GCSE

Preparing children aged 10 -13 years for International GCSE with neuroplasticity in mind.

International GCSE

For students who wish to prepare for the international GCSE exams.

A level
AS and A - Level

For students who have written their International GCSE or wish to write AS/A levels.

Not Sure Where You Fit In??

We are here to support you in your educational journey.

Saintsburg Onsite

Saintsburg Online


A child’s well-being plays a vital role in his ability to absorb new information and to think creatively. Our tutors focus on creating a stress-free environment where motivation is built through trust, relationship and encouragement. They are also trained to use the best practices to explain any concept, no matter how difficult, in a fun, engaging and relatable way.

For us, education is more than academics. We have seen that brain friendly learning combined with examinations that require insight and creativity, foster healthy long-term lifeskills needed to thrive in a future that requires innovation and entrepeneurship.

Of all the school leaving options, Cambridge or Edexcel exams have the most flexible options for private candidates. No previous qualifications are required and students can write at any age. These qualifications are accepted worldwide as well as by USAF in South Africa.

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Saintsburg Onsite

Students staying in the vicinity of Saintsburg can attend classes onsite and still benefit from our digital solutions. Direct tutor contact serves as valuable motivation and personal progress tracking. Children’s need for social interaction and a sense of belonging are met in our protective environment.

Almost reached our full capacity, limited space available on certain levels.

Saintsburg Online

Students can join our classes online in the comfort of their homes and have interaction with our national and international students.

Tuition Classes

At Saintsburg we focus on brain friendly tuition. This means that our main aim is to explain concepts in such a way that it ensures deep understanding. Classes are 100 minutes long and mostly given on a weekly basis. Students are expected to engage with the learning material and complete the assignments. We encourage parent involvement as we see educating children as a team effort between tutors, parents and students.

Workshops and Expo’s

We would like to see every child reach his full potential. We believe by supporting parents, children can get the support they need to excel. Workshops include how to homeschool successfully as a parent, how to qualify for tertiary studies, how to prepare for exams, exam prep revision and lab courses.

Full-Functioning Lab

We have a fully equipped lab where students can develop their practical skills for Chemistry, Physics and Biology up to A levels. We have practical workshops during the holidays for students who live far away


The Saintsburg bookshop supplies textbooks, workbooks and teacher‘s guides supporting the British Curriculum. We are distributors of books published by Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Hodder, MacMillan, Collins and Dorling Kindersley. If you are in Pretoria, you are welcome to visit us and browse through the books. 

Virtual Community

You are very welcome to join our community. We are actively involved in the following platforms: facebook | instagram | youtube

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