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Saintsburg Code of Conduct

Saintsburg is a Christian Tutoring Centre. Our aim is to create a safe environment where Christians can thrive. Essentially, we are conservative, trying to protect the innocence of our students. 

The code of conduct is not intended to be a complete list of everything to refrain from, but rather as the minimum number of rules needed for everyone to know what is expected of them to maintain harmony at Saintsburg.  

  1. General rules.
    1. The first rule at Saintsburg is that you may not prevent anyone else’ learning. Please respect others’ right to learn.
    2. We should all treat each other with kindness and respect.
    3. Dress code is informal but modest. Hair should not aim to draw attention. No body piercings except for modest earrings for girls are allowed. Make-up is allowed but not encouraged.
    4. No form of bullying is okay – please stand up for the underdog and report any form of bullying.
    5. Any legal and direct instruction from the personnel of Saintsburg without delay. This is to ensure safety and address situations that are not covered by the code of conduct.

  2. Further rules for onsite students.
    1. The use of the games area is limited to break times.
    2. Only platonic friendships are encouraged and the show of physical affection must be avoided at the centre.
    3. Tobacco products, vapes or other drugs are prohibited on the Saintsburg premises.
    4. Refrain from using foul language.
    5. Don’t feed the animals.
    6. Students, as well as their parents, are responsible for class attendance.

  3. Further rules for online students.
    1. Profile pictures should be modest.
    2. Messaging during tuition times should only be about the work at hand.
    3. Teachers should only be contacted during working hours unless otherwise arranged.
    4. Students, as well as their parents, are responsible for class attendance.