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Frequently Asked Questions

By on 11th Sep 2018

What books must I buy?

Any books provided by Cambridge University Press, Hodder or Oxford University Press that says the books are in line with the CIE syllabus can be used. Keep in mind that the syllabus is updated every 3 years and that you must make sure you have covered everything in the syllabus. 

We do not prefer or support one publisher over the others. We have found that each of the three main publishers has better books for certain subjects. Here is a list of our favourite books:



How do I get university exemption?

Please refer to the document below for USAF’s requirements for university exemption. Keep in mind according to USAF there are 200 000 students who have university exemption every year (this excludes foreign certificates such as GCSE and A/AS levels) and there is space for only 85 000. Your child will have to do more than the minimum to get in.

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How many subjects should I take?

The univesity takes into account a maximum of 7 subjects. Rather have less subjects but a higher average

Do I need to take Afrikaans?

You do need English First Language and another language on GCSE level or higher. This can be a foreign language such as French, German or Spanish or Afrikaans second language. Zulu falls under foreign language. Please make sure your examination center caters for your choice of language before preparing for the subject.

Do I need practicals?

For GCSE you don’t – you can get by with alternative to practicals. Lab work will always help with understanding the work more in-depth.

For AS you MUST have lab experience.