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By on 4th Nov 2020



Is Saintsburg a school?

Although Saintsburg is an academic institution of the highest quality, we are not a school and do not intend to become one. We are a tutoring center that specializes in taking a child from where he is to where he wants to be in the shortest possible time and with the highest level of academic standard.Cambridge will not endorse a tutoring center, irrespective of how good they are, simply because they only endorse schools.

What is the difference between EduAnywhere and Saintsburg online?

Eduanywhere is a webapp – an immensely helpful digital learning tool based on videos and questions organised per topic and based on old exams of the British curriculum, but it does not offer live tutoring. Saintsburg online is distance tuition by tutors presenting live classes to learners and uses EduAnywhere for homework.

Can we write exams at Saintsburg?

No, exams can be taken at Cambridge exam centres or Edexcel exam centres, depending on your British curriculum choice.We do offer mock exams at Saintsburg from time to time.

What does it cost to receive tuition from Saintsburg.

Please follow the price list link on the menu.

Other general questions

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  • How many subjects do you need for University exemption?

Please attend one of the talks presented by Erica Hugo, Franzette Janse van Rensburg and Louise Ruthven. The cost is R200 and hundreds of your questions will be answered. WhatsApp a booking request to Sanet at 063 960 9961.