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Pricing & Process

Enrollment process

Speak to someone first

Contact Louise or Christina to assess your exact needs and help you understand the various options.

Make your subject choices

Have a careful look at the downloadable pricing document, and after consultation, select your package, subjects and additional services if required. Send an email (the admissions form) with your personal details, your child's details and product sections to admissions@saintsburg.com.

Application assessment

Within 3 days and after preliminary approval of your application, you will receive a quotation, admission form and contract. Please print, sign and return all the documents to us together with your proof of payment.

Almost done

Please complete, sign and return the contract documents provided and together with your proof of payment and we are ready to go! We will enroll your child and add him or her to the various classes, eduAnywhere, teams and groups.

Understanding the options

We only do British curriculum but cater for every student’s and guardian’s needs as best we can. Therefore there are many options to choose from. The best is to consult with us, so we can help you answer all the questions, but have a look at our pricing over the various levels.

Relevant factors

Class times & info

  1. It is a requirement that all learners must be registered for EduAnywhere (www.eduanywhere.academy) to receive tutoring of subjects through Saintsburg if those subjects are available on Eduanywhere because it forms part of the way we tutor and assign homework. Although Eduanywhere Junior is advised for Concrete learners, it is not a formal requirement.
  2. We are a tutoring centre and not a school, we try to be as flexible as possible with our product offerings.
  3. Onsite attendance will be subject to availability as space is limited.
  4. Definitions
    • 60 minute class means the following:
      A 60 minute live presentation of the class, a recording thereof where applicable, the giving of homework, assignments and general (group) feedback on the assignments.
    • 100 minute class means the following:
      A 60 minute live presentation of the class, a recording where applicable, the giving of homework, assignments and 40 minute period with detailed help and support.

Pricing Options

Included in all packages are EduAnywhere & Digital Tutor subscriptions, textbooks and study guides. These are not part of individual subject selections.