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By on 17th Jul 2018

Here at Saintsburg we cater for various needs from parents who want to home educate their children 100% but need support and guidance with academic content, to children who need more full-time support. Our tutors understand the heart of homeschooling and focus on helping each child on his level.

We do not believe in tests but rather focus on understanding work in-depthly and suggesting students enroll for exams when they know a subject extremely well. We not only give support on understanding the content of subjects but how to approach exams – study techniques and interpreting exam questions.

We embrace whole brain learning according to “Strategic Learning the Whole Brain way” written by Erica Hugo. This means every child has the potential to grow neural networks. Any child who struggles with a concept is not unable to learn it but can be taught – with patience – to master anything.

Our GCSE and AS/A level teachers are British Curriculum trained. We also have an in-house British Curriculum examiner who gives support in preparing for exams.

We give support in the following subjects:

Accounting                                GCSE, AS, A level

Afrikaans 2nd Language      GCSE, AS Level 

Art & Design                             preGCSE, GCSE, AS, A Level

Biology                                       preGCSE, GCSE, AS, A Level

Business studies                   GCSE, AS, A Level

Chemistry                                GCSE, AS, A Level 

Computer Science                GCSE, AS, A Level 

Economics                               GCSE, AS, A Level 

English                                      GCSE, AS, A Level 

History                                       GCSE, AS, A Level 

Lab Practical Chemistry    GCSE, AS, A Level 

Lab Practical Physics          GCSE, AS, A Level 

Maths                                        GCSE, AS, A Level 

Physics                                      GCSE, AS, A Level 

Spanish                                     preGCSE, GCSE