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Even though homeschooling is a fast-growing trend worldwide, it has a long history that proves it to be an extremely successful approach to education. The very nature of homeschooling helps you to be adaptable to the latest educational resources and approaches and gives you the power to adapt to your child’s needs. It allows you to give your children a world-class education equivalent in standard to the most prestigious private schools at a price you can afford. Home educators by nature are extremely supportive and have an open hand  to share knowledge with each other. It is a warm community where you can feel at home.

The British curriculum, whether you choose Cambridge or Edexcel, is in our opinion of greater quality than ‎Caps or IEB for a few reasons. If you study at a local university, you will find that the critical thinking skills developed during your studies ensures success. Most good overseas universities do not accept a South African matric.


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How to approach the British Curriculum as a homeschooler

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