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vision & mission

Our vision is to help children achieve academic success and to provide superior preparation for tertiary studies. We aspire to provide all learning in a brain-friendly manner that makes learning feel effortless. Our hope is to create a safe atmosphere where Christian beliefs can thrive without fear of being restrained.  

Saintsburg offers a high-quality education by using a combination of proven teaching methods, excellent textbooks, the latest technology, and resources that we’ve developed to teach children in a brain-friendly manner. We strive to teach the British International Curriculum in a caring, dynamic, creative, and encouraging environment.  

Our on-site classes are small, so that we can accommodate the individual needs of the students. Similarly, our online classes are structured using differentiated instruction. Each child is valuable and worthy of our efforts in taking them from where they are, to what they can achieve. We pride ourselves on our ability to care for our students not only academically, but on an emotional level as well.  


In order to see children excel in their educational journey, we rely heavily on our partnership with the parents. Parents are invaluable with regards to motivating their children in becoming hardworking and responsible young adults. With that in mind, we’ve created a system of automatic reporting which gives parents good insight into their child’s compliance with the study program. Communication is an essential skill at Saintsburg.